Target Clothes That Flatter A Plus Size Figure

For many women, shopping can be a challenge. Not only are there so many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from for every single item of clothing, but the large bulk of these clothes are designed for women who fit a certain mold — effectively limiting the options for countless others. And although the fashion industry has taken some steps in fixing this with extended sizing and petite collections, shopping can still be a confusing endeavor for consumers whose bodies fall somewhere between all the different categories.

Outfit Wardrobe Ideas For Petites

And if you are a plus size petite woman, then you’ve come to the right place. Instead of viewing your body that is horizontally and vertically different as a challenge, try to embrace it as an opportunity to shop more mindfully. That said, we’ve rounded up five items every plus size petite woman should seriously consider adding to their closet.

Outfit Ideas For Petite Ladies 2023

1. Wrap Dresses

As Isabella Donna previously noted in her guide to petite fashion, shorter women should avoid wearing dresses that are tight around the hips, since these hug your body quite awkwardly. For women who are on the petite side, wrap dresses are very flattering, with their flowing silhouette falling just right on your body. Don’t be afraid of the frocks’ tie-waist feature, as it actually helps accentuate both your bust and torso. Plus, this fit won’t swallow you up or weigh you down.

Outfit Ideas For Petite Ladies

Lane Bryant Dress For Fat Lady Design
Credit: Lane Bryant

2. Button-Down Tops

Tops can be quite tricky to shop for, as certain styles have quite the unfavorable fit for plus size petite women. For instance, trendy ones like crop tops can be very unflattering, while most regular tunics won’t add any dimension to your outfit. But for an easy yet classy look, go for a timeless button-down top. Its straight fit has a sleek and effortless feel to it, and a structured design will highlight your hips.

Petite Clothing Essentials 2023

Target Clothes That Flatter A Plus Size Figure
Credit: Target

3. Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are very popular among the petite women. It enhances the figure of the person and also keeps the figure in right place. Although some women worry that this type of skirt can make them appear shorter, the trick is finding the right length and fit. Look for pencil skirts with hemlines that are either right above the knee or land right below it for your legs to look longer. And in the same vein, go for pencil skirts that are tailored to fit rather than those made from stretchy fabric to hug your body, as the former will fit more gracefully on you. This paisley print skirt from Ann Taylor will look especially elegant for plus size petite women.

Petite Clothing Essentials

What to wear if you are short with a big belly?
It is a common notion that fashion industry and trends revolve around tall and thin people but today this might not be the case. Dressing up as a short heightened and chubby person isn’t that difficult as it used to be. Such women should learn how to benefit from different style of apparels to look confident.

Wardrobe Items Every Petite Plus Size Girl Need
Can you be plus size and petite?
Yes definitely because being petite in most fashion sizes means to be shorter than 5’4, whereas being chubby is related to a certain body shape when you have more weight than your height.

Wardrobe Essentials For Petite Plus Size Women
What should I wear for petite and chubby?
Right necklines, appropriate shaped dresses, selective prints, avoid bulky clothes/low rise jeans/clingy clothes and lastly, frequent alternations and right sized bag are gold.

Stylish Petite Women Wardrobe Items
What looks good on plus size girls?
Usually relaxed, elongating and flowing dresses that show off your shape and define your waist line are the best clothes for any plus sized person out there.

Petite Wardrobe Essentials

Petite Wardrobe Items 2023
What should you not wear if you’re petite?
Petite women aim for creating an illusion of longer legs than they actually have. So, playing around lower body accessories is the game changer for women with average heights and below. Therefore, generally avoiding thick ankle strap heels, drop-waist dresses, low rise jeans or too long maxi dresses/skirts is recommended.

Petite Style Ideas 2023

Ann Taylor Flattering Dress Styles
Credit: Ann Taylor

Clothing Items Every Petite Plus Size Women Should Own

4. Straight-Leg Pants

In the ever-expanding fashion industry, more and more styles of pants seem to appear every season. And with the array of designs available, it’s important to choose the ones that fit plus size petite women correctly. In this regard, straight-leg pants create length without piling on too much volume — the perfect middle ground between skinny jeans’ flattering fit and looser items’ level of comfort. These straight-leg knit pants by Woman Within provide a relaxed fit in a comfortable fabric. It’s also important to look out for thoughtful details like elastic waistbands and side pockets, which can elevate these unassuming pants even further. Moreover, front pleats can help elongate your silhouette, while pull-on styles can reduce the need for any tailoring.

Petite Styles Ideas

Woman Within Wardrobe Items Every Plus Size Petite Girl Needs
Credit: Woman Within

Best Wardrobe Items For Petite Women

5. Fitted Blazers

Chic blazers are a great option to look graceful. Blazers are essential as they make dressing look become extra ordinarily beautiful. It’s vital to avoid double-breasted or very broad-shouldered blazers, as they can drown your whole outfit. A structured yet lightweight one like this Boden Emilia Ponte Blazer comes highly recommended. When it comes to blazers, remember that fitted ones are your best bet as they’ll be tailored to the shape of your torso.

Stylish Petite Plus Size Wardrobe

Boden Plus Size Wardrobe Must Haves
Credit: Boden